We Take The Challenge.....To Be Different.


        We can repair almost anything mechanical. We truly have set the “Bar” high for other mechanics. We always look forward to working on ALL types of vehicles. If you are not sure we work on your specialty vehicle, just give us a call and challenge us. We may surprise you!

                          Recreational Vehicles­​ - Don't worry about size. We come to your home away from home.

                          Performance Cars - ­​Our technicians can diagnose and install aftermarket or performance parts.

                          Off Road Vehicles­ - ​Finally! There is a mechanic that can help you with your off road vehicle. Why leave the desert ever again?

                          Forklifts­ - ​No need to leave the warehouse for repairs.

                         Tractors­ - ​Yes, we can repair tractors. Literally......in the field.

                         Trains­ - Yep, We do that! ​ Well, the smaller trains found in city parks or at zoos.  **Hey, they're still trains.**




Thank you for your business.