We are a family owned business.

                  We built this business from the ground up using our own hands and many hours of dedication to our goal. We know it sounds cheesy, but it's true! Our family and team have our blood, sweat, and tears into this company. :) All joking aside, our customers are the focus and backbone of our company. If there wasn't a you, there wouldn't be an us at AnyWhere Auto Repair. We want our customers to keep using our company for many years to come. So, customer service, friendly staff, and knowledgeable technician are key to our business. As far as we can tell it seems to be working. However, we are always open for suggestions and comments to improve our company for you. You are the reason we are here and we love to hear from you.


Get to know the owner.

            Brody McHaffey (Owner) has always had a passion for how things work, and a love for anything to get him on the move. Growing up in the Arizona desert he had an obsession with go ­karts, ATVs, dirt bikes, quads, and trucks. So, at 11 years old Brody started a life long skill and talent of repairing vehicles. At 16 years old he started working at a shop, and a few other shops in the years after. However, he often found he was better than most mechanics in these shops and he always hated the way customers were being treated. As the years went on, Brody’s skills and techniques improved as a mechanic. The biggest change was that he had become a father in those years. He now had 5 children that he adored and spent all his free time with. Brody found it very hard to go to work with him missing his family and his morals being put to the test on how customers were being treated. With 19 years of experience, ASE certifications, and a family to raise Brody knew it was time for change. In 2007 and baby #6 on the way, Brody decided to start his own company. A business to actually be about his customers and a place for family. Now, he pushes for more within his own company for new and better technicians, as well as, providing amazing customer care. Brody strives to keep his company up to date with newer vehicles and challenging his technicians to think outside the box.

Thank you for being our customer!